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13th July, 2009 New version of 3ShoeBoxes is available

Touch based version of 3ShoeBoxes (3ShoeBoxes 2.0 iTocuh) is available for download. There are several bug fixes and some new functionality added (for example you can set the number of shoe boxes between 2 and 10, etc) and the whole application can be handled by fingers, so you don't need both hands :)

23rd June, 2009 Online dictionary creator for 3ShoeBoxes is updated

The online dictionary tool has been improved. You can now:

16th June, 2009 New wordlists added for 3ShoeBoxes...

12 new dictionary have been added to 3ShoeBoxes. The total number of word pairs in the database has been risen to 62031. Click here to see and download them!

2nd June, 2009 Irregular English verbs dictionaries added for 3ShoeBoxes...

To ease the learning of 3 forms of verbs in English, dictionaries have been added to 3ShoeBoxes. Please choose "English" as source and target language as well to download them!